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The phenomenon of plagiarism is well known and may have different forms. While deliberate plagiarism is a serious infringement, there is also incidental plagiarism, which is comparatively inoffensive, but still quite unpleasant.

In the education, plagiarism may hinder students in compiling most of their works. The reason is that today’s education and science strongly relay on various kind of sources. To produce a really valuable research paper, students usually have to find solid pieces of appropriate text for quotation from highly recognized scientific works. In the process, however, you may incidentally duplicate considerable volumes of somebody else’s original text without mentioning that it is a quotation rather than your own contribution. Besides, you may memorize a couple of extracts in somebody’s investigation and then reproduce them in your work.

The result of this is the appearance, in your paper, of coincidences or matches with someone else’s work, which is a highly undesirable phenomenon. (Actually, it is the above mentioned plagiarism, and it is not always so easy to prove its undeliberate character) The more the matches, the lower is the important parameter of uniqueness of your paper. And the higher the uniqueness, the greater is your own contribution into the science. The rate of uniqueness is actually an important indicator in the evaluation of texts in various areas that include, beside science and education, also mass media and arts.

Hence, the danger of being accused in plagiarism (or otherwise punished for too many matches) is quite serious. Consequences vary but they are all negative. If you are a student, plagiarism may considerably worsen both your grades and your academic reputation. So a proper and reliable means to detect plagiarism and prevent possible damage is always welcome among the higher school community.

Especially urgent is the question how to check plagiarism free and online. And what we offer you in this brief presentation is exactly such a service, which is part of our free online grammar checking package.

If you wish to check paper for plagiarism…

When the need arises to perform a check for plagiarist of one of your papers, you are welcome to try the plagiarism checking feature of the above mentioned checking software set, which allows a check for plagiarism for free. Among other advantages are online mode, interactivity and a very simple and user friendly interface.

Actually what we present is a website to check for plagiarism. And this website is free, comprehensive and customizable.

One of the tools that the website offers as part of its comprehensive checker package, is an engine to check texts for plagiarism in a most convenient and efficient way.

As mentioned above, one of the features of the offered checker engine is its interactivity. It is a property that allows constant dialogue between the user and checker engine. Corrections of the found problems are not performed automatically, but are only made on the user’s consent. However, in the case of plagiarism check, problems represent matches with somebody else’s papers whose number and share should not be too big.

The plagiarism check produces for you a text with marked matches and the overall rate of uniqueness of your text. In this way, you are suggested to remove the matches in the text to raise its uniqueness (unless you are satisfied with the current rate of uniqueness).

How to check essay for plagiarism with the offered checking tool

Plagiarism check is especially important in the case of essays (including student essays). The reason is that essay is a usual form of control of students’ progress in most higher education institutions so it often requires extensive quotation.

The plagiarism detecting feature of our online free software works in an extraordinary simple way leaving for the authors only a few mouse clicks. The students (or any other category of essay writers) may take advantage of such obvious conveniences as:

  • perfect accuracy. The tool compares the text elements with those available in the Internet and marks the matches with a different color;
  • no limits of the number of checks;
  • quick performance. The checker engine takes just a few seconds to execute the comparison and produce results;
  • support of a number of popular languages and dialects;
  • security of the user’s personal data. No one can access your documents or personal information; and
  • an enjoyable and intuitive user friendly interface.

And yet another important and pleasant feature: all the checking tools, including the plagiarism checking unit are constantly under improvement, which promises even more comfortable service in the future.