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Online Grammar Checker

Released a new powerful instrument for free grammar check online

A brand new grammar checker has appeared online. It’s comprehensive, powerful and context free. And it is free and works online. Being a genuine online engine, the offered checker performs grammar check online free, no download is needed. Let us explain the above characteristics one by one because, in our opinion, the product deserves your attention as well as a clear explanation of various aspects of its functioning.

Comprehensive is especially meaningful in this case. The checker represents a set of tools intended to take care of all basic aspects of your paper. The most important component of all checks is grammar check properly. Some confusion in terms arises because the set of checking tools as a whole is often referred to as “grammar check”, though it also includes sentence structure check, plagiarism check and a few more procedures.

Powerful means simply strong and mighty. And so are all the newcomer’s components. For example, the grammar check app as part of the offered checking package is capable of fast and high quality analysis of very complicated texts.

Context free grammar is the most mysterious aspect. Actually, for most users, it is not important at all. The term refers to one of the two opposing concepts in grammar and programming. The context free approach is based on the independency of the links between elements in a language system, while dependency grammars, on the contrary, stick to the conception of dependency between such elements. For the users of checking software, the principle of internal organization of the checking process means hardly anything.

And now let us pass over to the practical side. It is always better to learn how an engine works via its functioning for a practical purpose. Such as using the offered set of checking tools to perform a grammar check of a particular text.

Essay grammar check as a practical example of the program’s work

Suppose I have entered the right page with the free online grammar checker that we are talking about, and it stands ready to check my grammar free and online. What should I do next?

To check a text for correctness, the user may choose a comprehensive procedure when the program checks at once all aspects of the text or individual checks of the compliance with grammar rules, check of sentence structure, or plagiarism check. You may also choose to check spelling and there is a special option to check an essay grammar. The latter means a check oriented to a comparatively small (essay-size) text with an extended check of plagiarism as an especially important aspect of a student essay.

Suppose you choose to perform a specialized essay check. Like with other check type, you normally insert your text in the panel and then, with a couple of mouse clicks, you specify the check parameters (including the choice of the essay check) and push the start button. The check procedure is quick for all check types. First comes the scanning procedure, when the machine looks through the text from beginning to end detecting doubtful points in accordance with the programmed parameters. For example, all spelling mistakes are detected and/or all syntactic deviations.

An essential feature of the check engine is its interactivity. If set to notify the user about every detected possible error without completing the entire scanning procedure, the engine notifies you immediately when the error item is located.

The checker informs you that a particular probable error has been found and suggests a solution (normally it proposes you to fix the error). Usually it is a real error, which you’d better correct so you agree and the error is fixed. You may alternatively choose the setting that lets the checker finish scanning and only then submit you all proposed changes for consideration. Or you may choose the autocorrect mode, when the engine fixes all located possible errors at its own discretion without your consent.

Such is a typical procedure of checking, which is basically analogous for all check types.

Instant grammar checker is a helpful online assistant for writers

Based on its features and characteristics, it is clear that the offered checking engine is a comprehensive and reliable instrument both for students and for a wide range of professions engaged in writing texts.

To the above mentioned parameter, we should add such useful boons as the capacity to perform checking with an impressing number of popular languages and basic English dialects.

Taking into account the fact that practically all features of the checker are under constant improvement, we are sure that the new checking software would be a reasonable choice for a broad community of professionals.